Monday, 26 November 2012


I've always been intrigued as to what is inside peoples' wardrobes.
Wouldn't you just love to have a sneak inside your favourite celebrity's wardrobe?! Well my 'What's Inside Your Wardrobe?' posts is the next best thing as I will be having a cheeky look through the wardrobes of friends and family. It would be wrong for me not to here goes!

STYLE ICON: Olivia Palermo 

1) Topshop: Beaded top

'I love wearing this beaded top! The sparkle makes it perfect for parties and the colour is super flattering.'

2) H&M Skirt 

'I only recently bought this but it has become one of my favourite items. I adore how the broderie lace is a little bit longer at the bottom so if worn without tights it shows through.'

2) Miss Selfridge: Leather Jacket 

'LIVE in my leather jacket! You will rarely see me not wearing it. I just think it is such a staple and everyone should have one!'

Love Constantia x

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Wardrobe Essential: Black Ankle Boots

Black ankle boots are an essential in every girls wardrobes especially in Autumn/ Winter season! I'd been on the search for my perfect pair of black ankle boots for a few months, having already bought a pair from Topshop in the Summer then returning them because they turned out not to be exactly what I wanted.
I finally found these beauties a few weeks ago in a shop in Watford called 'Style...' which were only £35..bargain! I love the studs on the ankle which give it that added edge, and I think the heel height which measures at 2.5 inches is the perfect height for an ankle boot as it offers support for all-day wear.
I love wearing these boots with anything from pretty floral dresses, skinny jeans or high waisted shorts. They undoubtedly give any outfit that enviable downtown edge! 

What do you guys think?

Much Love C xx

Saturday, 6 October 2012

STYLE CRUSH: Jade Williams

Not many people have heard of this girl, but you soon will. Jade Williams, otherwise known as Sunday Girl, is the British pop songstress whose style has helped her name become well known in the fashion industry! Her mix of classic and retro pieces have made her a style icon, with her being invited to be front row at London Fashion Week!

She has just launched her debut fashion collection in collaboration with Firetrap, which is inspired by nature and bugs. I can not wait for her collection to be unveiled..I'm sure she will not disappoint!

Love Constantia xxx

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Summer: Part 1

I feel so ashamed at how long it has been since i've posted..but my summer has just been crazy busy. I honestly can not believe it is already September!? :o Summer: Part 1 will keep you all updated with everything i have done this summer... enjoy!


This summer I was lucky enough to gain 2 weeks Work Experience in the Buying and Merchandising Department of Phase Eight. I didn't really know what to expect, and i wasn't really sure what i'd be doing to help. But the B & M team were really welcoming and gave me enough jobs every day to keep me busy. The head of the department let me listen in to their 'Best Sellers Meeting' which was super cool. It was really interesting knowing what were the top buys for customers each week. 
One of my favourite parts of working in the Buying department had to be helping with Fitting Meeting. (This was where the supplier would bring in the clothes that the design team had designed, and then the model would try it on making sure it was a perfect fit and that the quality of the product was of a high standard)
The only downside was the long journey to and from the Head Office took me 2 hours there AND back!! I was absolutely knackered by the end of the day. But I was pretty lucky that it was extremely sunny for the duration of 2 weeks so the walks to and from the train station wasn't too bad ;)
Overall, I loved my Work Experience at Phase Eight, and it definitely made me realise that i definitely want to be a fashion buyer as a career. 


With the massive build up of the Olympics, London certainly didn't disappoint! The opening and closing ceremonies were Ah-Maze-Ing!! (how cool was it when the Queen played Bond Girl?!) Jessie J, Tinie Tempah, Spice Girls, Oasis, One Direction, Emelie Sande, Dizzie Rascal, Taio Cruz...Brazil are going to find it difficult to top us! The actual sport itself was incredible aswell. Remember Super Saturday when Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis and Greg Rutherford all won gold in the space of an hour in athletics!! I was sooo happy to see Tom Daley win a medal aswell in diving! I loved the fact that the olympics brought everyone close together..patriotism was at its highest for sure! Go Britain for achieving 29 gold medals! woo!!
After the Olympic Opening Ceremony my cousins and I became super excited and decided to paint our are some pictures.

Much Love C xx

P.S. Part 2 coming tomorrow 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Style Crush: Whitney Port

I think it's about time Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model judges got revamped! It just wasn't working before with Grace Woodward and Charlie Speed. They have been replaced by designer, Whitney Port and model,Tyson Beckford. Due to her arrival on the panel, i thought it was appropriate to make Whitney Port my Style Crush of the week. I always loved watching The Hills and The City, and along with Lauren Conrad (who doesn't love her?!) she was one of my favourites by far! Not only does she have incredible hair...please can i have it?! but she also has a wardrobe to die for! Although she starred in the reality hit shows, she has 100% gained her credentials, as she has her own design label, Whitney Eve. I adore all her designs, and if i had the money, there would be a whole lot of Whitney Eve in my wardrobe! I can not wait to see her on Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model!

Love Constantia xx

Monday, 2 July 2012


So when you think of July, you picture this...

However in reality, in England July is more like this...

Sun, come out come out wherever you are!! I want to start wearing these..

Love Constantia x

P.S Hope you like the new layout 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Colour French Manicure

Recently i've been seeing these type of nails everywhere, whether it be on tumblr, blogs or in magazines, so i thought it was about time i tried it out! I used clear nail vanish as a base, and chose a hot pink Nails.Inc nail vanish for the tip. On the fourth finger i wanted to mix it up a bit with a different colour, so i used No.7 glitter purple nail vanish. I am not going to lie, this is really hard to do, if you are not a talented nail painter with both hands (which i am not *sadface*) I used a thin brush to paint the tips..and Ta Daaa...Finito!
I love how cute they look, hopefully they will last long, i would definitely recommend you try this trend out!
Much Love C xx

The finished look..

Friday, 6 April 2012

Welcome back to the 80s babyy!

Thought i would share with you all my latest 80s blazer! For Textiles, our brief was to make a garment of your choice from an era of your choice. I chose the 80s because I LOVE the way the style was bold and everything they wore was in order to make a statement. I decided to make a blazer because the 80s was when 'Power Dressing' was created, women wore suits in the office to show that they were just as important as men at work...GO WOMEN!
I altered my pattern piece to make it double breasted and changed the sleeves to make it ruched by sewing elastic in the sleeve. I'm not going to lie, it was stressful making a blazer, I didn't realize how complicated it would be to make! But i got there in the end..Hope you like the final outcome :D
I styled my blazer with a crisp white shirt, skinny jeans (HM) and my black heels (Shoedazzle)
Here are my photos from my photo shoot
Much Love C xx

Thursday, 5 April 2012

STYLE CRUSH...Jennifer Lawrence

Yesterday I went and saw The Hunger Games with my little brother as it was Orange Wednesday..(2 tickets for 1)..BOOM! I have got to say it was incredible, I loved every moment of it! I'd definitely recommend you see the film if you haven't already. So, this weeks style crush is Jennifer Lawrence who plays the female lead Katniss Everdeen. I love that she wears such daring and figure hugging dresses, which highlight her envious curvy figure! The Ralph Lauren shimmering halterneck dress compliments her skin tone beautifully. One of my favourites of hers has to be the Prabal Gurung gold dress; it's so bold and I adore the cut out detail.
Not only is she stunning, but she was brilliant in the film, and I think she's definitely one for the future!
Has anyone else seen the film?
Much Love C xx

Sunday, 1 April 2012


I think it's fair to say i have been an extremely bad blogger recently...3 weeks since my last post *hang my head in shame*, but don't worry this girl is back and definitely back for good!
Finally Easter half term has arrived, and although it means no school, i will however be revising majority of the time for my AS level exams (boring!). BUT, no school means more time for blogging..YIPPEEEE!
Yesterday was the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, which saw all the top stars turn out in their best gear. Here were some of my favourite outfits. What's your verdict?
Much Love C xx

Mad Men´s Kiernan Shipka
I love the simplicity of this powder pink dress, it's so cute on her!

Taylor Swift
This ivory, bustier detail gown is gorgeous on Taylor.

Selena Gomez
I love the bralet and miniskirt, the two piece look is one of my favourite trends at the moment and Selena rocks this look. I love that she chose to wear bright pink shoes. Mega style points indeed!!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


So it´s my BEST friends birthday Happy 17th Birthday Lucy!- I hope you have the most incredible birthday EVER. You deserve everything you get! 
*Guys, i don't know if many of you have a best friend who is like an identical version to you, but Lucy is literally like my twin! We always think the exact same thing and have the EXACT same taste in everything. Some people take forever to find that one friend who is like a sister to you, and i'm lucky enough to have already found her!* 

Just for you Luceee (sorry my lovelies you might not get this): 
Messages from teachers: Mr Morley says Happy birthday Lucy..don't forget to have some PIE! 
                                               NEWTY says yeee donkey cowgirl, i'm going to bajazzle your clothes especially for you.
Mr. EEEEEeeeeEEEEEeeeeEEEEEEee says Happy Birthday Lucyyy and "BOOOOOOOGIIIEEEEEEEE" :D
TP major love for TRAVIS PERKINS. I love how we make each other laugh soo much, and any time i spend with you we have the best time! You are literally the person who i can tell absolutely anything...(Lucky you ;) )
We do the BEST bailamos dance ever...even though we kinda end up looking drunk muahaha. 
btw..WHERES IANNNNNNN?! "Ezra's a girls name ;) " 
That sleepover when we nearly wet ourselves because we were laughing so much at night time.."MORNING GUV'NAAAA"
FANTASY is way better than REALITY ;) 
btw..'every super heroes got have babies right? Thats the one!!! 'ohh and 'you've got that smile that only heaven can make' 

Pictureeee time! 

Our fave guys 

Love you lots like jelly tots bestie 
Much Love C xxx

P.S. Dont forget to go to Lucy's blog to wish her a Happy Birthday!

Friday, 24 February 2012


Soo sorry for the lack of posts recently, but i do have a very good excuse..I've been on a school trip to SALAMANCA BABY! We went for a week, which in my opinion was not long enough. As soon as i felt my Spanish improving, it was time to leave :'( I miss the sunshine even though it was like 6 degrees and i was having to wear tights under my jeans :P
So the trip consisted of school everyday for 4 hours (which wasn't actually that bad because they were really funny), then we had trips in the afternoon. The best thing was when we went to this place called Avila, there was this group of people dancing in the street. They were dancing to songs such as 'Party Rock' by LMFAO.  They pulled me and my friend up to dance with them, so we ended up dancing with them in the street in front of a big crowd of was hilarious! 
Night times were especially funny! Thursday was the best night, we went to this club called Gatsby, i pretty much danced all night! I must of had tonnes of fun because i didn't get home until 4:30am!!! ;) I really want to go back to Salamanca..i really miss it! Although it did feel good to be back in my own bed. 
Such good memories, and such fun people. Hope you like my holiday snaps...
Much Love C xx 

 At the Bull Fighting Museum...casually pretending to be a bull!