Saturday, 16 February 2013

ZARA: Bags!

  There are some amazing bags in Zara at the moment. I could quite easily spend all my money in there. I thought I'd share my top 5 favourites available to buy on the website...

1) Everyday Shopper- £22.99  
 2) Studded Leather Clutch- £59.99
 3) Leopard Print Leather Messenger Bag- £29.99

4) Studded Leather Bowling Bag- £89.99

 5) Brown Studded Tote Shopper- £49.99

Love Constantia xx 

Monday, 11 February 2013

1) Rihanna: Red is such a stunning colour on Rihanna. The shape of this dress really suits her body shape. I'm also loving her hair colour at the moment...she couldn't look better!
2) Taylor Swift: If I am honest, I think this is a very 'safe' look that she's done many times before. I would rather see her in something a bit more adventurous, and in a brighter colour.. after all she is only 23. 
3) Katy Perry: I really like this dress, but I just don't think it looks good with Katy's big bust popping out. If she didn't have so much on show, it would have been so much nicer.
4) Jennifer Lopez: Oh dear! I just don't understand why she's worn something like this. She has such an amazing figure and she's hiding it in an unflattering, loose dress. J-Lo usually does so much better!
5) BeyonceWho run the world? Beyonce! Not only is she rocking a S/S13 'Monochrome' trend but also this jumpsuit.
6) Carly Rae Jepson: This colour drains her! It makes her skintone look lifeless! It would have been nice to have seen her in something more colourful! 

What do you guys think?

Love Constantia xx

Monday, 4 February 2013

1) Jumper- Topshop. I love this shade of pink. It reminds me of candy, flowers and summer (my favourite things!) 
2) Western Boots- River Island. I'm so tempted to buy myself a pair of western booties. I think they are such a Spring/ Summer staple item. They look super cute with dresses and skirts.
3) Dress- H&M. The colour of this dress is gorgeous. You can dress it up or dress it down, and at £14.99, you can't really go wrong. 
4) Necklace- Asos. Lately I've been trying to build up my accessories collection. The hot pink is so eye-catching, that all you need to wear it with is a plain grey marl T-shirt.
5) Denim Shirt- Pull & Bear. Everybody should have a denim shirt in their wardrobe! As we're transitioning in to Spring/ Summer this colour denim shirt is perfect.

What do you guys think?

Much Love C xx