Monday, 26 November 2012


I've always been intrigued as to what is inside peoples' wardrobes.
Wouldn't you just love to have a sneak inside your favourite celebrity's wardrobe?! Well my 'What's Inside Your Wardrobe?' posts is the next best thing as I will be having a cheeky look through the wardrobes of friends and family. It would be wrong for me not to here goes!

STYLE ICON: Olivia Palermo 

1) Topshop: Beaded top

'I love wearing this beaded top! The sparkle makes it perfect for parties and the colour is super flattering.'

2) H&M Skirt 

'I only recently bought this but it has become one of my favourite items. I adore how the broderie lace is a little bit longer at the bottom so if worn without tights it shows through.'

2) Miss Selfridge: Leather Jacket 

'LIVE in my leather jacket! You will rarely see me not wearing it. I just think it is such a staple and everyone should have one!'

Love Constantia x

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