Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Who else is mega excited that Gossip Girl is back tonight?! I have been waiting soo long for the new season to start. Thank god the day has arrived. 
Not only is the show incredible, but the OUTFITS are unbelievable! I partly watch GG just to see what Serena & Blair wear hehe ;) And lets not forget to mention the eye candy..*cough* *cough* Chace Crawford.

Inspired by the return of Gossip Girl, i will have a few related posts coming soon, so watch out!

You know you love me, XO XO Constantia 

Friday, 7 October 2011


I always look forward to this event every year! Hearing about courageous people and their stories just melts my heart. There truly are some incredible people in this country, and i think this event is so crucial in giving these people the recognition they deserve! Involving celebrities in this award ceremony 
makes, especially for the children, a dream come true. 

Now for some fashion! 

Can Cheryl Cole do any wrong? i think her look was my favourite of the night. This Victoria Beckham dress compliments her figure so nicely and the pale pink is stunning against her skin. I also love her curled hair; this is definitely a HIT
I hate to say it but i think Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model winner Jade Thompson outshines Elle Macpherson. I love the feather detail on Jades dress and how incredible is her sleeked back ponytail?! HIT

Ohh Mel C, what were you thinking? This dress is so unflattering! It does nothing for her figure! The shoes aren't even nice! Two Words.... OH DEAR! MISS
Miss Caroline Flack gets it spot on with this dress. Love this LBLD..(little black lace dress) ;) HIT

Much Love C xx

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Trend Spotting Tuesday #1 If I Were A Boy....

This season you gals will start to borrow clothes from the boys wardrobes. Blazers, shirts and chino styled trousers are ALL a must have! Go ONE OF THE BOYS ;)

1) Blazer: I think no girl should be without a black blazer, it is a wardrobe essential girls! I love the style and shape of this Topshop blazer; not too long and not too short. Adding a blazer to an outfit gives it that extra edge, and can be worn during the evening with a dress or during the day with a skirt of trousers.
2)Shirt: This is also a wardrobe essential! A crisp white shirt is a must have to rock the 'one of the boys look'. TOP TIP: get some thick black ribbon and tie it around the collar to make a bow. This gives a unique yet feminine look.
3)Mini Skirt: I adore this Warehouse skirt. This skirt teamed with the white shirt would make the ultiimate evening wear look! Also, by mixing one male inspired item (for instance the shirt) with a sequined mini skirt means you can still be girly too.
4)Chinos: I love the colour of these chinos. These Warehouse trousers are so easy to team anything with. 
5)Blouse: I really love this blouse; the black and the nude mixed together is so stylish. I love the black bow because it adds a bit of femininity. I would definitely consider purchasing this item. 
6) Clutch Bag: This asos clutch bag is perfect for completing your 'boy' inspired look. If Alexa Chung had carried a bigger bag i think it would have distracted people from her outfit, therefore i think a clutch bag is the perfect size to make a subtle statement.

Much Love C xx

Monday, 3 October 2011

Is it really October?!

Am i the only one here who honestly can't believe it's already October?!
Number 1: The weather we have had this week has been unbelievably hot, which has made me feel like it's still the Summer.
Number 2: how have i already been at school for a month?! Its getting scary how quick time is flying..before we know it, it will be Christmas, which is 82 days away..but who's counting ;) 

Time is literally flying by...slow down a little bit pleaseee ;)
Much Love C xx