Tuesday, 28 February 2012


So it´s my BEST friends birthday today...so Happy 17th Birthday Lucy!- I hope you have the most incredible birthday EVER. You deserve everything you get! 
*Guys, i don't know if many of you have a best friend who is like an identical version to you, but Lucy is literally like my twin! We always think the exact same thing and have the EXACT same taste in everything. Some people take forever to find that one friend who is like a sister to you, and i'm lucky enough to have already found her!* 

Just for you Luceee (sorry my lovelies you might not get this): 
Messages from teachers: Mr Morley says Happy birthday Lucy..don't forget to have some PIE! 
                                               NEWTY says yeee donkey cowgirl, i'm going to bajazzle your clothes especially for you.
Mr. EEEEEeeeeEEEEEeeeeEEEEEEee says Happy Birthday Lucyyy and "BOOOOOOOGIIIEEEEEEEE" :D
TP major love for TRAVIS PERKINS. I love how we make each other laugh soo much, and any time i spend with you we have the best time! You are literally the person who i can tell absolutely anything...(Lucky you ;) )
We do the BEST bailamos dance ever...even though we kinda end up looking drunk muahaha. 
btw..WHERES IANNNNNNN?! "Ezra's a girls name ;) " 
That sleepover when we nearly wet ourselves because we were laughing so much at night time.."MORNING GUV'NAAAA"
FANTASY is way better than REALITY ;) 
btw..'every super heroes got have babies right? Thats the one!!! 'ohh and 'you've got that smile that only heaven can make' 

Pictureeee time! 

Our fave guys 

Love you lots like jelly tots bestie 
Much Love C xxx

P.S. Dont forget to go to Lucy's blog to wish her a Happy Birthday!


  1. TPPPPPPP!!!!! :D
    I LOVEEEEEEE THIS POST!!!!! :D:D:D Had the best birthday! I love the bit about Mr EEEEEeeeeEEEEeeee and Newty and the pie man ;) can't wait for the Newt Bajazzle!! :O and Mr EEEEeeeEEEee said, do you know what it feels like?? ;) haha Bailamos and uncle ben??? SAM from the nursery hahaha, just casually strolling across the grass in his cap!! Wheres iann?!! ooh wait... we found him? you know who i mean ;) MARTAAA <3
    LOVE YOU LOADS xxxxxx <3 <3


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