Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Illustration Project- #1 Shoes

Final Designs 

Initial Ideas

Hello my lovelies! I thought i'd share with you all my shoe drawings for my Illustration Project (A Level). Our brief was to find a dress from a designer's runway collection, 
and then design a range of shoes to be worn with that particular garment. 
The designer i chose was Jenny Packham, because i absolutely ADORE her designs. She produces some of the most beautiful dresses! 
At first i thought this project would be extremely difficult, because i never really thought i was that good at drawing, but i have to say I REALLY enjoyed designing shoes. I loved experimenting with different styles and different shapes. 
What do you guys think? Love knowing your opinions! Soon i'll post the other parts to my Illustration project on here.

Much Love C xx

Tuesday, 29 November 2011



If you haven't already heard of  Lana Del Rey, where have you been?! This chic will be hitting your ipod very soon as her song 'Video Games' has already been voted 'Best New Track'. 
Not only has she got an incredible and unique voice, but her style is spot on too! She rocks the old-fashioned American starlet feel, with huge eyes, big lips and the most lustrous hair ever! 
Her vintage style makes us all want to have her wardrobe. She wears retro prints with mini hot pants, ladylike blouses and her signature one hoop earring. 
She is definitely ONE TO WATCH....

Much Love C xx

Friday, 4 November 2011

October Happenings.

Majorly sorry for the lack of posts my lovelies, but sixth form has been crazy busy! I've had soo much work to do that my half term the other week, wasn't even a break :/ This post will however try and keep you all up to date with my recent outings :)

Me, and my best friends Lucy, and Stella, went to see Shrek the musical in theatre. We went on Kimberly Walsh's first night as Princess Fiona. I can't believe how amazing it was! It was sooo funny! i really recommend everyone to go and see is not just for children honestly! In the meantime, as it was Kimberly's first night, her all her friends and family were there supporting her, including Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts. Now for the best part, for the first time ever..i was PAPPED! Yes, yes it's true, the picture was in the Metro Newspaper the next day hehe.

On the Sunday, my family and i went to my cousins for their 16th birthday. It was such a fun night. I wish i could show you the hand made cards i made for them but i can find my camera lead :'( to upload the pictures :/ but anyway..HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BEAUTIFUL COUSINS :D

(yes, they are twins!)

On the Friday before we broke up for half term, my friend Jade had a house party, lets just say we danced all night long, Lionel Richie style ;)

 My BEST friend Lucy <3

Hope you all had a wicked October! 
Much love C xx