Friday, 30 December 2011


Earlier this week, i finally got round to doing my photo shoot for my Textiles recycling project. There have been a few sleepless nights as my head has been going crazy trying to think of the perfect place to do the shoot...who would have thought it could be soo stressful?! Anyway i found this perfect little place down the road from me with this cute building which kind of looks like a castle.
As usual i like to keep things in the family so i asked my beautiful cousin Olivia to model the dress for me and my cousin Michaella to take the photos on her professional camera. I usually direct the shoot and do hair and make up which suits me perfectly. 
Now on to the dress, my brief for this project was to make a recycled garment for Oxfam. Straight away i knew i wanted to make a cocktail dress that was wearable and didn't look like it was recyclable. I found scrap recycled fabrics around my house and at school. Overall i was really pleased with my dress; i hope you like it and the pictures too!
I also made a little backstage video for all of my dearest bloggers.

Much Love C xx

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Merry Christmas!!

I hope you all had an incredible Christmas full of love and cheer..i sure did! 
My christmas was spent with my family and my cousins, we had such a blast. The most disappointing thing about the day..(this might sound cheesy but its true!) was when the day ended wahh!
Much Love C xx

Group photo! apologies for my little brothers silly face! (top left)
Jeans: New look. Top: Asos

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Fashion Fusion Course...

Hey everyone! I hope your Christmas holidays have all started really well, mine certainly have. Over the past two days I have been in London on a Fashion Careers course at the Fashion and Textile Museum. When i first signed up to take part in this course i wasn't really sure what to expect, and to be honest I wasn't quite sure what i'd be doing on the course. However i have got to say, after being there for an hour I knew this course was going to be something special! Throughout the two days, our course teacher gave us information on a variety of jobs in the Fashion Industry in order to help us decide what path we want to take and gave us tips on how to prepare for interviews and what to write in our CVs. 
In addition to this, one of my favourite parts was that she had invited various people in the fashion industry to come in and talk to us about their jobs. On Day One, we had a costume designer come in named Lucy Donawho who's latest project was working on the newest Sherlock Holmes movie (How cool?!). On day two we had three other people come in, someone who worked in PR, a student at London College of Fashion and a lady who was a garment technologist for Amanda Wakeley. They were all so inspirational and gave us such good tips! 
I have got to say if you are someone who would love to work in the fashion industry but doesn't know what  exactly to do, this course is definitely for you! I absolutely loved it and came away from it knowing what I want to do now and having made new friends. I would definitely recommend it especially as the first course you take there is free (woo!) If you want to check the website out click here.

Much Love C xx