Saturday, 30 July 2011

REVIEW: Bed Head Foxy Curls

I've always struggled to find a good hair product so when i was given this Contour cream from my Aunty (who is  my hairdresser) i couldn't wait to give it a try! My hair is naturally curly/wavy but the problem
i have is that whenever i wash my hair my curls don't look very nice until the next morning (once i've slept on my hair) and my hair gets a little bit frizzy. This causes such a problem on holiday in the evenings when we go out to dinner, because my hair doesn't curl nicely unless i sleep on it (i obviously do not have the time in the evenings to do that) :P
So i need a product that gets rid of my frizz and that gives my curls a good shape and body.

BED HEAD: Foxy Curls
What's it supposed to do? It is supposed to control your curls and fight the frizz. To define and shine!
Directions? Smooth through towel dried hair.
My Verdict? I love this product! It gives me the wavy beach hair i've been longing for. It does exactly what it says it's meant to do. Straight away it began to control my curls and completely got rid of my frizz..(YAY!)
Another bonus is that it smells sooooo good; it smells like sweeties! yum! The only disadvantage about this product is that they don't sell it in any stores like Boots :( You can only purchase it from professional salons. 
Price? £15
Score? 5/5

 Hope this helps anyone else with the same problem as me :)
Much Love C xx

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sweet 16! ♥

I am now officially 16 everyone! WOO. So it was my 'Sweet Sixteen' on Saturday 23rd July :) I have to say it was definitely a wicked birthday! My cousins came round midday for a big birthday brunch, which was super nice. My parents surprised me with 2 tickets to see The Phantom Of The Opera in theater in the evening. The Phantom of the Opera was amazing! Just soo incredible, i had to stop myself from singing along haha.
The next day i had my friends, Lucy, Stella, Claire and Aneesah round for a little gathering. My friends made me some of the BEST cards everr!! And i got some lovely presents! We played loads of games and ordered some pizza..yum :)
I love having my birthday in the Summer because it always means i get such lovely stuff, whether it be clothes, bags or jewellery, which i can then take on holiday with me.

Overall it was such an INCREDIBLE birthday! I just want to say thank you to all my family and friends who put such amazing effort on birthday 

Much Love C xx

Me and My cousin Tom :)

With my girlies 

Friday, 22 July 2011 no longer!

Yesterday was the last day i will ever have to wear school uniform...scary stuff! In September i will begin a new chapter of my life in sixth form, where i can wear whatever i want (YAY!) as long as it's smart. 
 You do not know how long I've been waiting to have the freedom in choosing what i get to wear! Although i can't wait, i did like the simplicity of having uniform because it was super easy to get ready in the morning! i will miss having uniform....just a little!
Knowing me, it'll take me FOREVER to get ready in the morning now that i can wear anything..non uniform days were always crazy usually went along the lines of me running around like a headless chicken in the morning, complaining that i didn't have anything nice to wear! haha :P Hopefully i'll be fine :)
Bye Bye Uniform!

Today is Selena Gomez's birthday, so i'd like to wish her a very, very Happy 19th Birthday! I was however wondering, what does a girl who has everything wish for on her birthday?! haha. Selena has everything; she's stunning, she has such an incredible figure, amazing clothes and the ULTIMATE boyfriend..Justin Bieber!
Lucky girl!

Also, i'd just like to point out that there is ..

Much Love C xx

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Please can i be her? ;)

How amazing is Miss Gillian Zinser?! She has the perfect natural good looks, the most amazing figure and such amazing fashion sense! All the 90210 lovers out there will understand what 
i mean when i say that her style in the show is truly incredible! She rocks the cool boho style soo well!
Not only do i love her style but her hair, oh my gosh, her hair is just amazing
So please, pretty please can i be you Gillian? 

Anyone else a fan of hers?
Much Love C xx


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The End...

On Sunday me and the fam went and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Unsurprisingly, it was amazing! The whole Harry Potter series has just been incredible from start to finish! And i'm sure i'm not the only one who's really upset that its all come to an end. :'( I've grown up reading the books and watching the films, so with this being the last ever Harry Potter film, it's like my childhood has come to an end as well. Sad times!


Much Love C xx 

Hermione, Ron & Harry

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby Ohhh

The Beckham family welcome a new arrival to their family; a baby girl! Victoria Beckham gave birth to her long awaited baby girl, on Sunday at 7:55. For the entire 9 months everyone's been anticipating what name the Beckhams' will choose. When i heard the name i was like WHATTTT?! :P
The name you ask?.. HARPER SEVEN! What a peculiar name! I guess, what ever floats ya boat :P
If you thought Harper Seven was weird..wait til you hear what Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy named their baby boy; BINGHAM! haha, poor thing!

On the topic of babies, my cousin gave birth to her baby on Thursday. EEEKKKK !! I cannot wait to meet baby Sophia! Congratulations Nicola!

Much Love C xx

Thursday, 14 July 2011

I'm a Pretty Little Liar!

I know i said....The Take That concert was the last concert i was going turns out i lied! 
So prepare yourself for another concert post, because guess who won Itunes Festival tickets...MEE!! (well actually my little brother did!) ;) He won 2 tickets to see The Script at the Roundhouse in Camden.

The whole situation and day is a funny one, so here goes ;)

Basics, because my brother was the one who won the Itunes Festival tickets, it had his name on the ticket, meaning only he and another person could go, but he only entered the competition because i told him to, so he gave me the tickets. :) (YAY)
I thought that because we were related and we had the same surname they'd let me and my friend into the concert, but, here comes the major had to have ID :P Claire and I, thought we might as well go, as we have nothing to lose and that we'd pretend we had no ID. So once we got there, straight away they asked for our ticket andddddddd.....ID! No ID= problem! hahaa. The man asked for my ID, and i was like i'm really sorry i don't have any..(part of the plan) and he gave such a look as if to say..'not again' and he then asked if we had oyster cards on us. So i showed him my card and said how i'm Alexanders sister; and he was like your going to have to go into the no ID queue. :P At this point i didn't think we'd get in. :P but we thought we might as well wait! And boy did we wait..for like 2 hours
 So the doors were meant to open at 6:30, but they didn't open til 6:50. They let about 15 people from the queue of people who had their ticket and ID. And we were thinking... oh gosh, we're going to be the last people to be allowed in! BUT! the ironic thing is, the 'NO ID' people got let in next, so basically we ended up being right at the front for the concert. BINGO!

Now for the was UTTERLY AMAZING!!!!!! Up and coming star, Loick Essien was sooo good and super cute! He kept thanking everyone! But, The Script were just unbelievable. I think it has to be the best concert ever! And guess what, I TOUCHED DANNY from The Script!! eeeeeeeeeek. The first time i have EVER touched a celebrity before! haha. It also gets better, Claire and i got one of the guitarists guitar pics!!!

Best Night of my Life!
Hope you're all having a brilliant week!
Much Love C xx

Monday, 11 July 2011

Hello my lovelies! Thought it was about time to start my outfit posting :) So here goes..
Last Tuesday me and my friends went out for dinner for my best friend, Christina's 16th birthday, and this was the outfit i wore. 
It was actually raining that day..but i thought what the hey! It's Summer, i might as well dress as if it is Summer, after all it IS July! ;)
Hope you all had a good Monday and a wicked start to the week!
Much Love C xx

Top: H&M
Skirt: Handmade

Saturday, 9 July 2011

GoodBye Hermoine, Hello Emma!

With the final instalment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 being released, it meant that the Harry Potter cast will grace the red carpet for the last time all together (queue tears!) I for one, am quite sad that it's all coming to an end, as i've grown up reading the books and watching the films.
But now on to the more important subject; how amazing does Emma Watson look?! She looks absolutely stunning in this floor length Oscar de la Renta dress. I love the ruffles, which give the dress such amazing texture, and the embroidered bodice just gives the extra sparkle!
From her dress, to her cute brown pixie haircut, to her make up..she looks just soo effortless!

So all together we say goodbye Hermoine Granger, hello Emma Watson. I can't wait to see what projects she does next, whether it be modelling or more films.

Much Love C xx

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Take That!

Hi all! On Monday 4th July, my mum and I went to see Take That live in concert at Wembley. It was actually my mums birthday present from us; she LOVES Take That! Ofcourse me being her favourite daughter ( i'm allowed to say that as i'm the only girl in the family) i got to go with her..WOO.
I have to say they were amazing; they've still got it ;) Gary, Mark, Howard and Jason opened the show with 'Rule the World' (one of my favourite songs), 'Greatest Day', 'Patience' and Shine.
Robbie Williams then came on to perform his solo hits such as 'Let Me Entertain You', 'Rock DJ' and of course 'Angels'. I have to say Robbie looked like he was on something when he was performing..he looked crazy! haha
They all then united together to form the original Take That, and sung songs such as 'The Flood', 'Kidz', 'Babe' 'Never Forget' and loads others.

 I was absolutely in awe of the production set and the costumes! The theme was soo cool! They just had everything! 
Lets just say i had a wicked time! And don't worry this is my last 'concert' post haha, all my concerts just happened to be in the space of 2 weeks. :P

Much Love C xx

P.S. How cool were our Take That t-shirts?! ;)


On Friday 1st July, I went to the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park with some friends. I'd been waiting for this day to arrive for ages and boy it did NOT disappoint! We got to Hyde Park quite early inorder to try and getsome good spots near the stage. So after a few hours of queuing, the doors finally opened, and everyone ran to try and get near the stage haha. Luckily we were quite near the front.

The sun was shining (Thank god!), so i decided to wear my high waisted shorts, a vest top, my trilby hat and my converses. (Really sorry, didn't take many pictures of what i wore)
The Acts i saw were: Example, Plan B, Bruno Mars, Tinie Tempah and Black Eyed Peas. They were all amazing live! But I have got to say, the Headliners, the Black Eyed Peas were my highlight as they were just So INCREDIBLE! I'm now kind of gutted i never saw them when they were on tour, but i will definately next time..(They were that good!)

Much Love C xx

Here Are a Few Pictures..


Bruno Mars

Tinie Tempah

Plan B

Black Eyed Peas