Friday, 24 February 2012


Soo sorry for the lack of posts recently, but i do have a very good excuse..I've been on a school trip to SALAMANCA BABY! We went for a week, which in my opinion was not long enough. As soon as i felt my Spanish improving, it was time to leave :'( I miss the sunshine even though it was like 6 degrees and i was having to wear tights under my jeans :P
So the trip consisted of school everyday for 4 hours (which wasn't actually that bad because they were really funny), then we had trips in the afternoon. The best thing was when we went to this place called Avila, there was this group of people dancing in the street. They were dancing to songs such as 'Party Rock' by LMFAO.  They pulled me and my friend up to dance with them, so we ended up dancing with them in the street in front of a big crowd of was hilarious! 
Night times were especially funny! Thursday was the best night, we went to this club called Gatsby, i pretty much danced all night! I must of had tonnes of fun because i didn't get home until 4:30am!!! ;) I really want to go back to Salamanca..i really miss it! Although it did feel good to be back in my own bed. 
Such good memories, and such fun people. Hope you like my holiday snaps...
Much Love C xx 

 At the Bull Fighting Museum...casually pretending to be a bull!


  1. awh! such great adventures, love all the images you snapped :)


  2. how fun!

    :) love the pictures
    looks like you had a blast

    you can practice spanish with me =)

    MELINA ♥


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