Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Take That!

Hi all! On Monday 4th July, my mum and I went to see Take That live in concert at Wembley. It was actually my mums birthday present from us; she LOVES Take That! Ofcourse me being her favourite daughter ( i'm allowed to say that as i'm the only girl in the family) i got to go with her..WOO.
I have to say they were amazing; they've still got it ;) Gary, Mark, Howard and Jason opened the show with 'Rule the World' (one of my favourite songs), 'Greatest Day', 'Patience' and Shine.
Robbie Williams then came on to perform his solo hits such as 'Let Me Entertain You', 'Rock DJ' and of course 'Angels'. I have to say Robbie looked like he was on something when he was performing..he looked crazy! haha
They all then united together to form the original Take That, and sung songs such as 'The Flood', 'Kidz', 'Babe' 'Never Forget' and loads others.

 I was absolutely in awe of the production set and the costumes! The theme was soo cool! They just had everything! 
Lets just say i had a wicked time! And don't worry this is my last 'concert' post haha, all my concerts just happened to be in the space of 2 weeks. :P

Much Love C xx

P.S. How cool were our Take That t-shirts?! ;)

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