Thursday, 14 July 2011

I'm a Pretty Little Liar!

I know i said....The Take That concert was the last concert i was going turns out i lied! 
So prepare yourself for another concert post, because guess who won Itunes Festival tickets...MEE!! (well actually my little brother did!) ;) He won 2 tickets to see The Script at the Roundhouse in Camden.

The whole situation and day is a funny one, so here goes ;)

Basics, because my brother was the one who won the Itunes Festival tickets, it had his name on the ticket, meaning only he and another person could go, but he only entered the competition because i told him to, so he gave me the tickets. :) (YAY)
I thought that because we were related and we had the same surname they'd let me and my friend into the concert, but, here comes the major had to have ID :P Claire and I, thought we might as well go, as we have nothing to lose and that we'd pretend we had no ID. So once we got there, straight away they asked for our ticket andddddddd.....ID! No ID= problem! hahaa. The man asked for my ID, and i was like i'm really sorry i don't have any..(part of the plan) and he gave such a look as if to say..'not again' and he then asked if we had oyster cards on us. So i showed him my card and said how i'm Alexanders sister; and he was like your going to have to go into the no ID queue. :P At this point i didn't think we'd get in. :P but we thought we might as well wait! And boy did we wait..for like 2 hours
 So the doors were meant to open at 6:30, but they didn't open til 6:50. They let about 15 people from the queue of people who had their ticket and ID. And we were thinking... oh gosh, we're going to be the last people to be allowed in! BUT! the ironic thing is, the 'NO ID' people got let in next, so basically we ended up being right at the front for the concert. BINGO!

Now for the was UTTERLY AMAZING!!!!!! Up and coming star, Loick Essien was sooo good and super cute! He kept thanking everyone! But, The Script were just unbelievable. I think it has to be the best concert ever! And guess what, I TOUCHED DANNY from The Script!! eeeeeeeeeek. The first time i have EVER touched a celebrity before! haha. It also gets better, Claire and i got one of the guitarists guitar pics!!!

Best Night of my Life!
Hope you're all having a brilliant week!
Much Love C xx


  1. great week end !! :)

  2. glad you had a nice night sweety xxx

  3. Hello! Thank you for your comment in my blog! I'm following you now!
    Hope to see you again in my blog!

    As I see at the photos, it was a really hot and amazing concert!

    My next post will be about the concert too!



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