Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sweet 16! ♥

I am now officially 16 everyone! WOO. So it was my 'Sweet Sixteen' on Saturday 23rd July :) I have to say it was definitely a wicked birthday! My cousins came round midday for a big birthday brunch, which was super nice. My parents surprised me with 2 tickets to see The Phantom Of The Opera in theater in the evening. The Phantom of the Opera was amazing! Just soo incredible, i had to stop myself from singing along haha.
The next day i had my friends, Lucy, Stella, Claire and Aneesah round for a little gathering. My friends made me some of the BEST cards everr!! And i got some lovely presents! We played loads of games and ordered some pizza..yum :)
I love having my birthday in the Summer because it always means i get such lovely stuff, whether it be clothes, bags or jewellery, which i can then take on holiday with me.

Overall it was such an INCREDIBLE birthday! I just want to say thank you to all my family and friends who put such amazing effort on birthday 

Much Love C xx

Me and My cousin Tom :)

With my girlies 


  1. Happy 16th, sounds like you've had a great birthday! you look so lovley! :) x

  2. Happy birthday, sure sounds like you had a good one! I love watching phantom of the opera live, such an experience :)


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