Saturday, 16 July 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby Ohhh

The Beckham family welcome a new arrival to their family; a baby girl! Victoria Beckham gave birth to her long awaited baby girl, on Sunday at 7:55. For the entire 9 months everyone's been anticipating what name the Beckhams' will choose. When i heard the name i was like WHATTTT?! :P
The name you ask?.. HARPER SEVEN! What a peculiar name! I guess, what ever floats ya boat :P
If you thought Harper Seven was weird..wait til you hear what Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy named their baby boy; BINGHAM! haha, poor thing!

On the topic of babies, my cousin gave birth to her baby on Thursday. EEEKKKK !! I cannot wait to meet baby Sophia! Congratulations Nicola!

Much Love C xx


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  3. So exciting!
    Digging the name Harper!


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  5. That's such a sweet picture, and yes, celebrities name their children the strangest names!

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  6. Beautiful photo!
    By the way, thanks for your lovely comment!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  7. oh my gosh poor children haha... their names are too crazy. Harper Seven is way too close to Steven Harper, our prime minister/douchebag. do not like. haha.
    xo dana

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  12. i am following :) you have such a sweet blog, i loved the glee post! haha, i bet she's gonna be such a pretty child, as all of their!

  13. Thank you :) I'm sorry, but I'm actually following too much people... so I don't want to follow new blogs, sorry :(

  14. i think is a great name! a new fashionista has born!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  15. i do love the name Harper... but Seven???

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  16. ^wow, Nicole just definitely read my mind. Harper is a sweet name...

    Bingham, hahaha poor thing! Bless his heart.

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  18. i love the name Harper! so cute. not sure on the Seven though? so ill settle and just call her Harper! ;) xx

  19. harper is one lucky baby! to have victoria as her mom and david as her dad? I cant wait to see what she looks like! i actually think harper is a cute/unique name... reminds me of harper's bazaar. lol

  20. She sure is lucky! Apparently they want prince william and kate to be her godparents!! she's even luckier!
    Thank you for the comments! xx

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