Saturday, 18 June 2011

All HALE Lucy!

Pretty Little Liars is one of my favourite programmes at the moment, and as season 2, episode one has just been aired in America, i thought it was appropriate to talk about my favourite 'Pretty Little Liar'; Lucy Hale (Aria).
Lucy Hale has such a unique sense of style, and i love how she can rock any look; whether it be vintage, edgy or just classic. Lucy always keeps whatever she's rocking young, fashionable and modern. 

Not only is her wardrobe desired by most girls but her hair and beauty is also flawless! Please, PLEASE can i be her! :P 

Can't wait for the new season of Pretty Little Liars to air in the UK!

Much Love C xx


  1. you didnt have to do a post about me. ;) ah i love her! xx

  2. haha ;) cheeky. ME TOO! xx


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