Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Trend Spotting Tuesday #1 If I Were A Boy....

This season you gals will start to borrow clothes from the boys wardrobes. Blazers, shirts and chino styled trousers are ALL a must have! Go on..be ONE OF THE BOYS ;)

1) Blazer: I think no girl should be without a black blazer, it is a wardrobe essential girls! I love the style and shape of this Topshop blazer; not too long and not too short. Adding a blazer to an outfit gives it that extra edge, and can be worn during the evening with a dress or during the day with a skirt of trousers.
2)Shirt: This is also a wardrobe essential! A crisp white shirt is a must have to rock the 'one of the boys look'. TOP TIP: get some thick black ribbon and tie it around the collar to make a bow. This gives a unique yet feminine look.
3)Mini Skirt: I adore this Warehouse skirt. This skirt teamed with the white shirt would make the ultiimate evening wear look! Also, by mixing one male inspired item (for instance the shirt) with a sequined mini skirt means you can still be girly too.
4)Chinos: I love the colour of these chinos. These Warehouse trousers are so easy to team anything with. 
5)Blouse: I really love this blouse; the black and the nude mixed together is so stylish. I love the black bow because it adds a bit of femininity. I would definitely consider purchasing this item. 
6) Clutch Bag: This asos clutch bag is perfect for completing your 'boy' inspired look. If Alexa Chung had carried a bigger bag i think it would have distracted people from her outfit, therefore i think a clutch bag is the perfect size to make a subtle statement.

Much Love C xx


  1. Randomly stumbled across your blog and i saw the first bit of writing about girls in black blazers an i just wanted to say yes! girls look hot in skinny jeans an a black blazer haha #Justsaying anyway so thought id show the love and leave a comment ;)



  2. Thank you! hehe i totally agree! i think blazers look incredible on us gals hehe xx


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