Friday, 30 December 2011


Earlier this week, i finally got round to doing my photo shoot for my Textiles recycling project. There have been a few sleepless nights as my head has been going crazy trying to think of the perfect place to do the shoot...who would have thought it could be soo stressful?! Anyway i found this perfect little place down the road from me with this cute building which kind of looks like a castle.
As usual i like to keep things in the family so i asked my beautiful cousin Olivia to model the dress for me and my cousin Michaella to take the photos on her professional camera. I usually direct the shoot and do hair and make up which suits me perfectly. 
Now on to the dress, my brief for this project was to make a recycled garment for Oxfam. Straight away i knew i wanted to make a cocktail dress that was wearable and didn't look like it was recyclable. I found scrap recycled fabrics around my house and at school. Overall i was really pleased with my dress; i hope you like it and the pictures too!
I also made a little backstage video for all of my dearest bloggers.

Much Love C xx

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  1. that is a really cute dress!
    good job love


    Melina ♥

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