Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Big Fat Greek Wedding ;)

My cousin Michael's wedding was absolutely amazing! Michael and Katerina got married on Saturday 27th August. Mike and Kat met at Greek School (how cute!?); so they have literally known each other their whole life. 
What I Wore: A strapless nude, lace dress from H&M and nude high heels from Next. 

It started early, as we had to be at Michael's house at 12 o'clock to do the greek traditions. We then made our way to the church. Katerina looked absolutely beautiful, and her dress was soo stunning! It was such a beautiful service, and i think we all got a bit teary eyed when they were finally pronounced man and wife :) The only downside was that as soon as Mike and Katerina were meant to make their way out of the church, so we could all throw the confetti, it begin to chuck it down with rain :'( Typical British weather!

The reception was held at The Grove in Watford! Such a beautiful place! The hall was so cute full with fairy lights! The meal was super tasty unsurprisingly!
Me and my cousins danced all night which meant the heels had to come off and my flats came on :P I honestly had such an amazing time and Mike and Kat make such a beautiful couple!



Much Love C xx  


  1. Thank you for the invitation so follow your blog! It is lovely, and I am happy be your newest follower! This wedding looks beautiful.


  2. What beautiful photos!!!!
    Gorgeous wedding!!!

  3. Thank you for the comments! It was absolutely beautiful! <3 xx

  4. I live in Watford! haha, the pictures look lovely!



  5. Nice photos
    Weddings are so lovely xx
    I'm planning my own at the moment even though it's not until 2013 eepp!!


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